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Founded by Mr. Rustomji Nusserwanji Kerawalla in the late 1800s, R. N. Kerawalla & Co. is one of the oldest family run, Zoroastrian Store in India today. Originally a full time Sapat Store, today R. N. Kerawalla offers its customers a wide range of Zoroastrian Religious Products.​​ Managed by the fifth generation of owners R. N. Kerawalla & Co. is built on the Strong principles of best quality and customer satisfaction.    

R. N. Kerawalla & Co. today offers its customers, a one stop shop for all Zoroastrian Religious Products from Parsi Cap, Sapat, Sadra, Lenga, Kusti, Syaw, Hand Embroidered Scarve & Sadra, Glove, Socks, Towel, Napkin, Chadder, Shawl, Net Sadra, German Silverware, Agarbatti, Batti-Kakra, Beads Toran, Nara Bundle and much more. 

Mr. R. N. Kerawalla

R. N. Kerawalla & Co. 

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